Common Dog Skin Issues

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Many dogs will experience skin issues at some point in their lifetime. As a special member of your family, we know how important it is for you to understand the various skin issues that could be affecting your dog and how you can help them.  Some of the most common dog skin issues are dry skin, dog dandruff, dog mange, and hot spots.  

Dry Skin has Many Causes

Dry skin often causes dogs to have itchy and flaky skin. As you can imagine this type of dog skin issue can be very irritating to your dog. There are many reasons why your dog may have dry skin, but some of the most common are over-bathing, infrequent grooming, deficiencies in diet, or dry climate. All of these factors can cause a dog to experience the negative side effects of dry skin. Dry Skin can be treated with products like Fortitude® Canine Coat & Skin.

Dandruff is a Common Dog Skin Issue

If you notice white flakes in your dog’s coat or you notice some bald patches on your dog, it is possible your dog is suffering from dog dandruff. Like humans, dogs can get dandruff, and the main symptom is dry/flaky skin. Different breeds of dogs can get either dry or oily dandruff. Dog dandruff like dry skin can be treated with products like Fortitude Canine Coat & Skin.

Mange Affects Dogs’ Coat and Skin

There are two types of mange a dog can experience: sarcoptic mange and demodectic mange. Sarcoptic mange is contagious and should be dealt with immediately. It can start abruptly and cause extreme itching. Demodectic mange is more common and is often found in puppies. Both types of manage are caused by mites. If your dog is experiencing mange call your vet immediately.

Hot Spots are a Common Dog Skin Issue

Hot spots can be identified as red sores found on dogs skin. Once a dog develops hot spots, it is common that the same dog will develop more in their lifetime. Hot spots are very painful and itchy for dogs. Hot spots can be caused by a variety of things including flea bites, skin allergies, bites from parasites, skin infections, or a lack of grooming. Hot spots can be treated locally with medicated topical solutions.

Supplements For Dog Skin Issues:

As a member of your family, we understand how important it is for you to help your dog stay healthy. Addressing common dog skin issues can help keep your dog healthy and comfortable. Fortitude® Canine offers a complete line of nutritional supplements to help you keep your best friend at their very best.   page updated 12/15/20

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